Oregon’s Wasikowski, Lombardi express support for Pac-12 tournaments in baseball.

face the Portland Pilots during a college baseball at Joe Etzel Field on Wednesday, April 14, 2021.
EUGENE — because the Pac-12′s seeding within the NCAA softball tournament is under scrutiny and Selection Monday for the NCAA baseball tournament but a fortnight away, Oregon softball coach Melyssa Lombardi and baseball manager Mark Wasikowski expressed support for conference tournaments.

The Pac-12 is among the few conferences that don’t conduct a conference tournament in softball or baseball. the large West, Mountain West, and WCC also don’t hold softball tournaments and therefore the Big Ten and MAC didn’t hold their tournaments this year.

Lombardi, who took part within the Big 12 tournament as an assistant at Oklahoma, said she’d prefer a conference tournament that rotates to every school within the league instead of a central site.

“I think it’s cool for our Oregon athletes, whenever we continue the road we get to travel play at somebody’s stadium and see what it wishes to be at their place; I feel that,” she said. “A conference tournament, we’ve talked about it and perhaps we’ll get there within the future, immediately we don’t have it.

“The league is hard. … I feel for us as coaches and with our teams deciding what’s the simplest thanks to going, is it having your conference games than having a tournament right after or not. I feel that’s something that’s come up then far up to the present point there hasn’t been a conference tournament.”

A year ago, the Pac-12 agreed to carry a baseball tournament for the primary time this year in Scottsdale, Arizona but canceled the event thanks to the pandemic.

Wasikowski, who took part within the Big Ten’s tournament while at Purdue, knows the worth of the event and is keen to ascertain it finalized to debut next season.

“I’m an enormous proponent of it for a few of reasons; one is is it does you a few of additional games to be ready to get an additional team into postseason play that possibly either plays alright within the extra conference tournament games or potentially wins the automated bid by winning the conference tournament,” Wasikowski said. “I’m an enormous believer within the last weekend of the year the committee sits during a room and they’ve got all their screens on and they’re watching conference tournaments. They’re not watching Oregon play at Cal Berkeley this year, because that’s where our last series is. That’s not getting to get on their screen; it’s getting to be the SEC Tournament, the ACC Tournament, the large Ten Tournament, Big 12 Tournament. They’re getting to have all the conference tournaments on watching all those winners to where they will fill out basically their brackets and put the teams into the postseason slots.

“Well, that lack of exposure sucks. That’s not what we’d like in our league. we’d like the exposure that says, yes we’re during a conference tournament. that very same Pac-12 conference tournament is on TV in their room to where they will watch and see who’s playing well, who’s getting to win the tournament, who may get an additional bid, who may sneak in there which will get on the bubble.”

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